October 18, 2018

Bill & Cindy DeMuth

Derry Church Members



In 2006 we embarked on a search for a new church home. We tried several churches where we felt like outsiders. Our steeple chase led us to Derry, where on our first visit people were very welcoming and we had a delicious loaf of bread delivered to our house. On our second visit both pastors greeted us by name, and we knew we had found a new church home. It is the people of Derry church who make it a wonderful community in which to worship, have fellowship and serve God.

Not long after we became members we were asked to serve as elder (Bill) and deacon (Cindy). It was humbling to be asked given that we were new to the church and neither of us felt that we had any special qualifications. During my term as a deacon, in addition to being able to reach out to our neighbors, I made lifelong friends. Friendships have grown through participating in the travel group, Sanctuary Choir and the Pastor Nominating Committee who called Pastor Stephen. 

An example of the concern for one another at Derry was an adventure on our recent church trip to France and Barcelona. Traveling with the Derry travel group is not just going on a trip, it is fellowship with church members and friends. We visited the Sagrada Familia, a huge cathedral which is the top tourist attraction in Barcelona. After the tour our friend Mary Bungo accidentally became separated from the group. Three of us ran all over the crowded area searching for her, to no avail. We knew Mary was resourceful and would find a way back to the hotel, but we were worried as we had to leave without her. (Little did we know she was waiting for us in the gift shop, a usual favorite stop for our group!) Mary then asked two police officers to call the hotel and let us know she was okay. They said they would personally drive her back! When we heard she was coming, a group of us lined the sidewalk to wait for her. When she arrived with the two officers, we were all very relieved and went out to lunch together to celebrate her safe return. It is a joy to be part of a church family who not only worships together but is committed to praying for one another and truly cares for each other. 

Years ago when Bill was in the hospital I called the church to ask if someone could visit him. He was literally blown away when both pastors came separately to visit him. Bill says we do not just punch a clock to say we have attended church on Sunday mornings, we stay for the fellowship! We feel that at Derry we can be ourselves, express our opinions and be accepted for who we are. We also like the variety of classes on diverse topics relevant to our daily lives. Being on the PNC really made me think about what I wanted in a church, and I believe that we have found it at Derry through great preaching, teaching, worship, caring and fellowship.