Students in Pakistan travel to school in a variety of ways, including horse drawn tonga.


May 25, 2017


Debbie Hough

Director of Christian Education


Maybe you were here last Sunday, May 21, to hear a moment for mission and the Conversation with Children. If so, then you already know that Derry’s Friends of Sargodha group has taken on a fun project this summer. It is called “Quarters for Education.” If you picked up the small candy tube, you know that it contains M&Ms. Those are yours to eat and share. We ask that sometime this summer, you bring back the container filled with quarters (neatly folded bills work, too!) We’ve already run out of our first batch of 100 tubes, but more will be available on Sunday in the Narthex.

To get the tube open you may rip off the label. There is important information on it, so I will share it here: 

Far away in Sargodha, Pakistan, children want to go to school. There just aren’t enough classrooms for all the children who want to learn. Boys and girls can’t attend school together once they’ve completed primary grades. Derry Church wants to help the Presbyterian schools in Sargodha by providing scholarships and funds to build a much needed school for boys so more children can receive a quality Christian education.

Why should you care what happens to boys and girls in Pakistan? Well, I think it is part of our Christian mandate to love God and to love our neighbors. There are lots and lots of places and people who need our gifts, but this one is crucial to the future of our world. We know what can happen when children receive poor or misguided education:  hate and fear are often the outcomes. Put a weapon in the hand of someone who hates or fears and ….

The Presbyterian Education Board of Pakistan is working night and day to educate as many children in their country as possible to love and be unafraid. I hope these children will one day be leaders with our children in a world that is more peaceful and safe. I just can’t think of a more effective way to make lasting change than through education. We will take all the quarters you can spare and turn them into bricks and mortar and books.

Dr. Tom Davis and I are planning to go to Pakistan in November to see the updates on the Sargodha school. They are completing an additional floor to the boys’ school, and there is more to come! We will meet some of the children and their teachers who are working so hard. In an effort to provide education for others, I know we will be the ones being taught – lessons of perseverance, faith, hospitality, and much more.

If you would like to get involved with the Friends of Sargodha or the Friends of SHE (this is another article!) here at Derry, please let me know. We lost of one of our strong supporters with Pat Wiley’s recent death. Pat had been preparing to deliver the Conversation with Children last Sunday. She was someone who loved God and her neighbor and acted out her faith with her support of this ministry. She will be missed!