Month: August 2020

Congregational Survey Results

Thanks to more than 400 people who participated in our recent online congregational survey. The survey was not designed to be all encompassing: it was designed to elicit ideas and options for future consideration that are consistent with CDC, state, and denominational guidelines and advice. The short and simple survey gave clear feedback on a few key areas about worship that the Session and Task Force have been thinking about as they consider future plans. Your multiple choice results were helpful, as were the comments you shared when you selected “other” and provided additional information, thoughts, concerns, and ideas. We appreciate how many of you took the time to share those thoughts with us.

Below is a breakdown of the results without all the additional short answer comments. To see the complete results, please contact Sue George.

Keep in mind that for all services listed below, Derry’s COVID guidelines (based on CDC, state, and denominational recommendations) will be followed:

  • 74% of respondents would attend an outdoor service
  • 38% would attend a 30-minute indoor service
  • 32% prefer Tuesday evenings while 23% prefer Saturday evenings if Derry offered worship on a day in addition to Sunday
  • 27% would attend an hour-long indoor service
  • 47% will continue to attend by live stream
  • 47% would watch pre-recorded video lessons/classes
  • 28% would attend a Sunday morning class on Zoom
  • 34% would watch a recording of a Zoom class later in the week