A/V Updates

  • We were as surprised as many of you to find the church website down on Sunday morning, June 12. Since the majority of our live streamers go there to join worship, Sunday is the worst day of the week for this to happen. We hope there isn’t a repeat occurrence, but if there is, your alternatives for online worship are available on YouTube and Facebook. Each Sunday service is available for a week on all three platforms. Sometimes one platform will work better than another on any given Sunday, so test all three to see what works best for you (or attend in person — we’d love to see you!)
  • Sound in the lounge has not been functioning for a few months. We’ve changed out some equipment but have not yet resolved the issue. Rest assured we will continue to investigate until the sound is restored. We are looking at alternative approaches to bringing sound into that space.
  • This week one of our vendors spent the morning troubleshooting sound issues in the Sanctuary and made a number of fixes to the system. Let us know what you think: email Sue George with your feedback.