Change 4 Children Received on Sunday, Sept 19

In Zambia, the Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) pursues programs to protect children in crisis and return them to family as soon as possible instead of institutionalizing them. Since 1998, they have sheltered over 1,000 babies and children between rescue and family placement. Since 2001, ACE community schools have provided daily lunches and education to more than 10,000 children who would otherwise miss out.  

A gift of $15.63 provides a full year of lunches and education to a child who would not attend school due to social exclusion, material poverty, or hunger. Bring your change in zip-closed bags, remembering to bag any foreign coins separately. Check that the bag is free of paper clips, pins, batteries, buttons — anything that is not legal tender — as these clog the coin sorting machine.  

Change 4 Children for the ACE is collected quarterly at Derry Church and will be received on Sunday, Sept 19 at the end of each service. Thanks, Derry!