Dec 2020 Session Highlights

  • Steven Guenther presented the Treasurer’s report which showed 85.7% of budgeted income received as of the end of Nov 2020. Church investments are doing well given the current market conditions.
  • Based on rising COVID-19 case numbers and Governor Wolf’s shut-down orders, the Session unanimously agreed to limit Christmas Eve services to digital options and eliminate any in-person gatherings. Furthermore, the Session approved the closing of the church building to the public until Friday, Jan 8, 2021 at which time the Session will review and make a decision on whether the closure should be extended. Church staff will be encouraged to work from home but also permitted to be in the building for essential activities.
  • Dennis Hosler, Chairman of the Stewardship & Finance Committee, presented Derry’s 2021 proposed budget. After review, Session approved the proposed 2021 Operating Budget in the amount of $1,250,000 projected revenue and $1,319,368 projected expenses.  
  • The Session also reviewed and approved the Rental Committee’s budget for income and expenses relative to the 275 Mansion Road and 233-235 East Derry Road properties.
  • Approved the special 2021 Offerings/Fundraisers as submitted by Presbyterian Women.
  • The Session reviewed and approved several 2021 fundraisers proposed by the Mission & Peace Committee including the selling of “shares” by the Friends of PEB to defray tuition costs for students in Sargodha Pakistan. 
  • A big “thank you” was extended to those Ruling Elders finishing their terms for their dedication and leadership over the past three years, particularly during the last year with the complications brought about by COVID-19. The Session also acknowledged with gratitude members of the COVID Task Force for their leadership in gathering and presenting information on the virus and guiding our response.
  • Finally, the Session would like to thank Derry’s staff for their hard work and creativity over the past year to minister to all of us and present innovative and quality programming. Their leadership has held us together during this very trying time and enabled Derry to proclaim God’s word, share God’s love, and practice God’s justice even in the midst of a pandemic.