December 2020 Financial Snapshot

Cash Flow – Operating Fund as of 11/30/20

Income YTD:     $1,158,745       $1,246,778
Expenses YTD:$1,060,741       $1,246,781
Surplus/(Deficit) YTD:         $98,004                 $(3)

Notes from the treasurer:

  • Contributions are trailing 2019 and budget. This was expected with COVID.
  • Committees in general are spending less than in 2019. We expect this to continue while church activities are occurring remotely and as we have asked committees to be mindful of spending. Personnel spending will start to increase with the associate pastor and music director positions filled. Note that Mission and Peace will overspend their designated mission budget by $20k as authorized by session in January. This is spending down the surplus from PY.
  • Cash flow remains good and net assets continue to increase