How You Can Support Derry’s  Refugee Family

In cooperation with Church World Service Harrisburg, our Syrian family of six is settling into their new home in Hershey. 

Donations you can help with now:

  • Two-shelf shoe rack, approximately 12″ wide by 36-48″ long
  • Rolling pin
  • Food grinder or food processor 
  • Hot sandwich maker
  • Waffle iron
  • Umbrellas
  • Gently used children’s clothing:
    • Boy’s size 10-12 (25″ waist) and shoe size 10.5 mens for a 12-year-old boy 
    • Boy’s size 10-12 (24″ waist) and shoe size 8 mens for an 11-year-old boy
    • Boys size 6-8 and shoe size 2 for a 6-year-old boy
    • 4 year old girl, slender
  • Pajamas for all, including warm flannel items for winter
  • Coats and boots 

Contact Marilyn Koch to arrange for pickup of items or drop off at the church in the designated box in the atrium mission closet.

Watch for upcoming opportunities where you can help their transition into a new culture.