Organ Dedication Sunday, Oct 10

The communion table and organ console have been repositioned in preparation for the organ dedication and recital on Sunday, Oct 10. Please note the live stream will launch at 10:15 am and the prelude will begin at 10:20 am as Kathy Yingst, Dan Stokes and Grant Wareham take turns playing our new Aeolian-Skinner. At the end of the service, a congregational meeting will follow the postlude, with voting by Derry members attending in person. The meeting will be live streamed. 8 am worship and Pastor Stephen’s 11-Minute Lessons will return on Sunday, Oct 17.

The peace cranes have also returned to their roost. Thanks to Charlie and Joanne Koch and Josh Pearson for helping the cranes settle back into the rafters. They’ll be in flight until Advent begins.