Stewardship Sunday Recap

On Sunday we dedicated the financial commitments to Derry Church made for 2021. So far we’ve received estimates of giving from 213 people totaling $902,183. We are on track to meet our budgeted needs if we continue to receive pledges from those who have pledged in the past, but we’re not there yet. Our church Session will meet next month to finalize our budget based on what we believe will be received.

Click here to submit your estmate of giving online and help us to build a faithful and balanced budget for the church… you can also email Sandy Miceli to ask her for information on Derry Church’s 2021 budget plans and an estimate of giving card that you can return by mail. Thank you for your continued support of Derry Church, where we proclaim God’s Word, share God’s love, and practice God’s justice.

Watch the Music of the Movies virtual concert presented on Sunday, Nov 8. Thanks to everyone who shared their talents as we bring our stewardship campaign to a successful conclusion.