Thank Offering Brings Hope: Story #1

When in 1888 women were asked to give one dollar over their regular giving as a thank offering to the Lord, the Thank Offering was born. Since 1888 more than $26 million has been granted to 1,700 projects locally and internationally. 

Out of the 49 applications, 15 projects were chosen for funding this year. 13 projects are in the US and 2 are international. Over 40% of the projects are related to health ministries. 

In the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, the All about U Adoptions program will use their grant to purchase a transitional living home for expectant mothers. They will also use it for counseling and adoption planning.

In this season of gratitude we give thanks for the blessings we have received, both the plentiful food on our tables and the loved ones around it. We are reminded that we need to do more than simply voice our thanks: we must show it through our actions. We offer thanks for God’s blessings that we can share with others, and we pray for those who will receive these Thank Offering grants to continue their important work.  

Please give generously to the Thank Offering as you are able. The 2020 offering will be received on Sunday, Nov 22. Give online or make checks payable to Derry Church notated “Thank Offering.” Learn more in this video.