Welcome Grant!

Grant Wareham, our new Director of Music and Organist, stepped into his new role on Youth Sunday, July 26, playing the final hymn. He was back at the piano bench on Monday to play for “Here in This Place.” Watch for a new music video on Friday and for him to play on Sunday morning, Aug 2 for live streaming worship. 

New Organ Update: July 2020

Latest news from the team in Connecticut working on our organ restoration: “This is the restored Pedal Bourdon that we are re-using from your former organ. It has been finished in amber shellac so as to fit in with the other Skinner pipes. Many of the stoppers were cracked from improper tuning. They have all been repaired and the stoppers re-fitted. It is a nice large scale and sounds wonderful. It will be a terrific addition to the organ. We have also completely rebuilt the three chests.”