What Kind of Church Will We Be? A Presbytery Pop-up Meeting


As pastors and Sessions continue to adapt to ever-changing conditions, sometimes it helps to hear what others are doing. With the idea of pooling our collective wisdom, experience, and imagination, the Presbytery of Carlisle is offering a series of single-topic pop-up meetings on topics of interest to our congregations.

Drop in on a discussion facilitated by Interim Executive Presbyter Cheryl Galan and Scott Bowerman, Central Church, Chambersburg. With so much uncertainty circling around the election and with on-going unrest around the country and in places within our own presbytery, what kind of church will we be? We’re not talking about red, blue, or purple… let’s talk about our witness to the gospel and the leadership our congregations and communities need from us. Let’s talk about the potential for violence and our calling to respond with love for our neighbors and civility in our discourse. We’ll name the practices and resources we can offer, to ground our responses in the way and will of Christ. We’ll process what we see in our communities and how we are being impacted by the larger context in which we serve. To receive the Zoom link, register here.