Church Staff

Rev. Dr. Stephen McKinney-Whitaker

717-533-9667 ext. 102
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Rev. Dr. Marie L. Buffaloe
Parish Associate for Congregational Life and Care

717-533-9667 ext. 103 
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Rev. Pamela Meilands
Associate Pastor for Youth and Families

717-533-9667 ext 106
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M.E. Steelman
Children’s Ministry Coordinator

717-533-9667 ext. 105
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Grant Wareham
Director of Music Ministry and Organist

717-533-9667 ext 200
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Susan George
Director of Communications & Technology

717-533-9667 ext. 107
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Loretta D. Chubb
Coordinator of Hospitality Ministries 

717-533-9667 ext. 204 
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Sandy L. Miceli
Financial and Office Manager 

717-533-9667 ext. 101 
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Teresa R. Hutcheson
Church Secretary 

717-533-9667 ext. 100 
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Steve Miller
Sexton (Sunday mornings)

717-533-9667 ext 110

Laura Cox
Director, Derry Discovery Days Preschool

717-533-9667 ext 201
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Roger Zimmer
Property Manager

717-533-9667 ext. 109
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Josh Pearson

717-533-9667 ext. 108
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