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In Room 2, Jenn Owsley leads the discussion on the book, “Breathe: Making Room for the Sabbath”

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June 2: Life on the Gaza Strip presented by Nabilia Taha, an American Palestinian Muslim who has been living in Derry Township for over 40 years. Born in Lebanon as a Palestinian refugee, she immigrated to the US following her marriage. Nabila has been invaluable as an interpreter for our refugee family, and helping them adjust to their new culture.

June 9: An Idea Whose Time Has Come led by John Taylor. It’s been 60 years since a bipartisan Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, followed a year later by the Voting Rights Act, and finally the Fair Housing Act. What were the events that triggered the civil rights movement nearly a century after the Civil War? Who were the major players that made this landmark legislation possible? Is the fight for human equality over, or are there new challenges ahead?

A native Oklahoman, John Taylor joined the Associated Press after college and worked in the Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and Harrisburg Bureaus. Eventually left the AP to become Harrisburg correspondent for the Pittsburgh Press. After 23 years covering state government, he became a press spokesman for various officials, including three governors. He and his wife Carol were married at Market Square church in 1964 and have been active members ever since.

June 16: Osteoporosis led by Tim Mosher

June 23: Milton Hershey School update presented by Barbara Nichols and Josh Pearson

June 30: Cocoa Packs update from Christine Drexler

July 7: Rebuilding Notre Dame (DVD) In person only, no streaming.

July 14: Krish Sathian, Chair of Neurology, Penn State Health

July 21: “If We Have a Loving God, Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” (DVD) Philip Gulley: Modern Quakerism. In person only, no streaming.

July 28: Preparing for Unexpected Health Problems led by Chester Rose

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