Volunteer Clearances

At Derry Church, clearances are needed if you:

  • Volunteer with children and/or youth
  • Participate in mission trips (in the U.S. and internationally)
  • Volunteer with refugees
  • Are an employee of Derry Church

The following items must be completed before volunteering:

  • PA Criminal Background record check
  • PA Child Abuse History clearance
  • FBI Background Check and fingerprinting (only needed If you have lived in PA for less than 10 consecutive years. Must be renewed every 60 months until reaching 10 consecutive years. The Volunteer Code is 1KG6ZJ)

To obtain the PA Criminal, PA Child Abuse or FBI Background check, go to KeepKidsSafe

Complete the Volunteer Application and Disclosure Statement. This must be renewed every 60 months and signed and witnessed by an adult who is not a direct relative.  Sign and print and send a copy to Kathy McGrath or put a paper copy in the Volunteer Clearance mailbox at the church.

Complete Derry Church’s Safe Children and Volunteer training.

Let us know that you have finished the volunteer training:

Thank you for volunteering and making a difference!

Questions? Contact Kathy McGrath or refer to the Safe Children Policy.