Notes of Thanks

We had a turbulent summer with the eventual passing of Greg’s father in late August. We want to thank everyone at Derry Church for their support, prayers and condolences. There is a basket of many cards which we received from our Derry Church family and friends, and none of them were repeated. Thank you. Greg and Lois Harris

Thank you so very much for the donation of water bottles for our students. They were absolutely thrilled to receive them! COVID-19 has made operating a school so much more challenging as we seek to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. Our goal is to keep our doors open, believing that students do best in an in-person environment. Your kind and generous donation of water bottles is one thing–seemingly small perhaps–that helps and blesses our students. COVID-19 guidelines recommend that water fountains not be used, so water bottles are essential. Again, thank you for your attentiveness to the needs of our students. We are delighted to partner with the Derry Presbyterian Church and the Mission and Peace Committee in providing, according to Martin Luther King, a true education–one of intelligence plus character. With deep gratitude, Andy Phillips Executive Director/Head of School