Beckie Freiberg • Faith Community Nurse

On May 14 I had the honor of being commissioned as Derry’s first Faith Community Nurse. What an exciting day! I had always dreamed of doing some sort of health ministry with my nursing skills, and now I’m on my way.  

Many of you may be wondering about the role of a Faith Community Nurse (FCN). What are her responsibilities? How can she help me? 

A FCN Is a subset of nursing like pediatrics, medical surgical, women’s health, cardiovascular care, and more. This speciality is subject to its own Scope and Standards of Practice and is required to adhere to these standards including confidentiality.  I will soon be taking an extensive course for FCN and will receive my certification. 

A FCN works within a faith community and incorporates health, wellness, and spirituality into her practice. I can do this by teaching about different health topics, teaching and encouraging wellness practices, acting as a resource person, and incorporating spirituality into these teachings. I can also help you navigate today’s complex healthcare systems. In my role as a FCN, I can provide counsel on a variety of issues and help to seek solutions, and offer a listening ear. Home and long term care facilities visits, hospital visits, as well as phone calls and follow-up calls after surgery are also a part of my duties. If you need community resources, I can help guide you to those services. 

I can review medications with you and make suggestions on how to take them. Nursing assessments of different situations are also part of my role. If you have a health question, I can help with that and I can do some health assessments and screening tests, such as take blood pressures and offer advice. Some of the things that I cannot do are hands-on nursing care (things like basic physical care or placing meds into containers for ease of remembering to take them).

At Derry, I am partnering with the new Health and Wellness Committee, using their knowledge to act as a health and wellness guide for our church family. “Health Time with Nurse Beckie” is a new educational program I’m offering on Zoom on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Join me as I present a health topic followed by discussion and questions. The first session is Wednesday, August 23 at 1 pm. I’ll be talking about ticks and lyme disease.  Click this link to join the conversation.

I am very excited about this new role at Derry Church and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and getting to know you. Please reach out with your suggestions and any questions. I’m happy to take calls and make visits. You can contact me through the church office (717-533-9667) or reach out by email:

I feel so blessed that God and Derry Church have called me to this ministry, and I thank you for the opportunity to serve this congregation.