Coin Return on Sunday Supports Vulnerable, Orphaned Children

Bring your coins for the Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) Change 4 Children Offering on Sunday, Sept 17

Last year 2,386 vulnerable and orphaned children in Zambia were helped to find family, education, and community through ACE. Zambian girls are less likely to complete their education due to expectations for many girls regarding domestic responsibilities, early marriage, or pregnancy. ACE champions gender equality and maintains a 50/50 enrollment ratio of boys and girls in their schools. Your donations support ACE’s efforts to educate vulnerable children.

Change 4 Children baskets will be available at entrances to the Chapel and Sanctuary to collect your donations to continue this and other ACE programs. Bring your change in zip-closed bags, remembering to bag any foreign coins separately. Check that the bag is free of paper clips, pins, batteries, buttons — anything that is not legal tender — as these clog the coin sorting machine.  

Change 4 Children is collected quarterly at Derry Church. The next offering will be received on Sunday, Dec 10.