Friday, June 25 is Orange Day

On Orange Day, Presbyterian Women encourages people to wear orange or an orange ribbon to show awareness and support for those working to end exploitation of females. 

Child marriages exist in the US: nearly 300,000 children (age 17 and younger) were married in the US between 2000-2018.  Although overwhelming majority were 16 or 17 years old, more than 1,000 were 14 or younger with five being only 10 years old. Nine states have no minimum age for marriage. Pennsylvania is one of five states barring marriages for people under 18. Unchained at Last, founded by a victim of a forced marriage, is working to end child marriages. A few of these marriages are for the purpose of dodging rape charges. Wear orange on the 25th to support the work of ending child marriages here in US and around the world.