Give to the Blanket Offering

Throughout the month of February, Presbyterian Women are collecting for the Blanket Offering. When difficult times come, a kind and loving response can make all the difference. That is why the Church World Service Blankets Program was created: to give a kind, loving and tangible response to someone facing difficult times, reminding them that they are not alone. The program focuses on three main objectives:

  • Eiminate hunger and poverty
  • Help displaced persons
  • Respond to disasters

A program in Jersey City, New Jersey has partnered with the founder of American Doll company to distribute sewing machines to refugees coming from Ukraine, Cuba, Afganistan and Central America. One client, Mona, is utilizing her existing skills to generate income. She is making clothes for herself and family and working as a seamstress. This program will serve 5,000 clients in 2023 helping refugees to earn a sustainable living.

Please give to the Blanket Offering as generously as you are able. Gifts can be placed in the boxes at church, mailed to the church office or given online.