In Jesus Christ There Is a New Creation

For Derry’s 300th anniversary (1724-2024), the church commissioned a hymn from Rev. David Gambrell, associate for worship in the PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship, and contributor to our “Glory to God” hymnal.

Set to the traditional Irish tune “Londonderry Aire,” the hymn “In Jesus Christ There is a New Creation” had its world premiere on March 17 at the Arts Alive Hymn Festival. This video is a recording of the world premiere performance. The congregation will sing it for the first time in worship on Heritage Sunday, April 28.

Here is the hymn text:

1. In Jesus Christ there is a new creation. the past is gone; a new life has begun. The time has come to bind up what is broken, return to God, and learn to live as one.

Refrain: Lift up your hearts and join the celebration! In Christ our Lord the promises are true. Sing praise to God, who made the earth and heavens, and even now in Christ is making all things new.

2. Through troubled times together we have traveled, yet every step has led us to this place. Now in Christ’s name we share a sacred calling: the work of peace, the ministry of grace. (Refrain)

3. There is a tree that stands beside the water — the tree of life, beside a living spring. Its leaves are for the healing of the nations. Beneath its shade the saints and angels sing. (Refrain)