Introducing Derry’s Nursery Child Care Leader

Stop by the church nursery on Sunday morning and say hello to Haily Rador, our new Nursery Child Care Leader. In this role, she provides nurturing, loving care for the young children of Derry Church, and coordinates and schedules paid nursery staff and volunteers to assure adequate coverage.

Haily and her family moved to Pennsylvania in 2018 after her husband retired from the Air Force. She is mom to five children in a family that includes two dogs, a parakeet, three fish, two leopard geckos and a bearded dragon. Haily has more than 18 years’ experience working in childcare, including two years at Derry Discovery Days’ Preschool.

Haily loves music (singing), hiking, RV-ing, playing sports (she coaches and plays volleyball), watching movies, the outdoors and (almost) all creatures. The Radnor’s youngest two kiddos attended preschool at DDD where she fell in love with the kids and people of Derry Church.

Says Haily, “I am so excited to be at Derry with the children and their families and look forward to meeting you!”