Issues Class Presents “Christian History Made Easy”

9:15-10:15 AM SUNDAYS, AUG 13-20-27 IN ROOM 2

Join Jack Keene and friends for a three-part video series, “Christian History Made Easy” presented by Dr. Timothy Jones. Participants will watch a 30-minute DVD on early church history, then spend the remaining class time discussing what they heard and saw.

Here’s the schedule for this adult education series:

AUG 13:  The First Christians 1-100 AD. The general question is proposed, “Can you be a Christian without dealing with history?”  This timeframe is when God enters history in the form of Jesus Christ. Christianity is an historical faith. There were many witnesses, not all recalling Jesus in the same manner. There is a study of Luke’s writings, and an account of Rome burning and how it was blamed on early Christians. 

AUG 20:  Defending the Truth 100-300 AD. Discusses the modern effect of The Da Vinci Code. There were many different Christianities in the early church. How were the books of the New Testament chosen? Defines the Christian beliefs of the Ebionites, Docetists, Gnostics and the Marcionites. 

AUG 27:  From Persecuted to Preferred 300-500 AD. Emperor Diocletian split the Roman Empire into East and West.  Galerius convinces Diocletian that Christians were against him and thus Christians became persecuted.  Constantine and his army subsequently captured Rome and Constantine became a Christian Emperor. Christianity first became legal. The Council of Nicaea convened bringing together church leaders from all over. The “real St. Nicholas” is documented.