Let Reading Take You Places This Summer: Start in Derry’s Ruth Codington Library

In July, travel across America through the pages of our books. Follow John Lewis’s fight for justice across Alabama and Tennessee. Try Caleb’s Crossing, a story set in Martha’s Vineyard where Puritans intermingled with native Wampanoag people and both yearned for higher education. Or have a laugh in Swivel, Wisconsin where the Jackson farm turns theme park after a miracle calf is born bearing the image of Jesus Christ.

Browse books all summer in our online catalog or stop in to see the new shelf displays (the library is just inside Entrance #1). While you’re there, visit the Staff shelf to find out who can’t take a roadtrip without Cheez-its and who recommends a fabulous museum in Louisiana. Find out what Nat King Cole and the Bible have in common. Then, head to the graffiti wall and add to the congregation’s I Love America playlist.