“May” We Introduce You to Someone New?

Come down to the library and check out our collection of BIOGRAPHIES. We have over 200 titles in this category! Travel to Tehran, a Brooklyn homeless shelter, the city that will become Tokyo, or 1930’s Limerick, Ireland. Meet Malala, Phyllis Wheatly, Frank McCourt, Tony Dungy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clint Eastwood…the list goes on and on. Browse biographies in our online catalog or stop in to see the new shelf displays. While you’re there, play Guess Who on the staff biography shelf (do you know whose first job was scooping Italian ice at Cocoa Avenue Plaza?) Add your own life details on the graffiti wall.

The Ruth Codington Library is right inside the door on the building’s lower level at entrance #1. A committee of Derry library lovers have been working diligently to grow and organize our diverse book collection. Want to take something home? All you have to do is remove the card from the back of the book, write your name and the date on it, and place it in the box on the shelf. Easy! Drop in often to check out our monthly library themes.