Meet our “Engage” Storytellers


This presentation of “Engage: Stories” centers on the theme “I was wrong.” Each storyteller will share about a time they realized they acted wrong, thought wrong, or believed wrong and how that realization changed them.

  • Andy Frieberg will share his desire to be different from others in his educational choices and how he learned that sometimes it’s okay not to be different.
  • Andy Phillips will share about how he realized he was wrong to anchor his faith in the certitude of his belief system (the “what I believed”) rather than trusting in the God in whom he believed.
  • Elizabeth Gawron will talk about the beginning pages of her journal from 2017 that speaks to marriage, motherhood and how wrong she was about her future. 
  • Sandy Ballard will share she thought God had abandoned her to suffer at a big law firm.
  • Charlie Koch will share about a time when work kept him from being where he needed to be.

Please join us for this special evening of storytelling, community, and questions.