Mission Madness Final Report from Commissioner Pete Steelman

After three weeks and 63 games played, Mission Madness has come to a bittersweet end. Baylor grabbed its proverbial slingshot and took down the Goliath Gonzaga last night, and in so doing also took out Craig Kegerise, who had been leading our competition since the Sweet 16. Nonetheless, after a great run Craig falls to a respectable 9th place.

Our winner, who will be given his 2021 trophy and whose name will be etched on the plaque and thus in history, is Gregg “3G” Robertson! Congratulations on your peerless prognostication, Gregg! Now, some folks might pause here to point out that Gregg also had three brackets finish in the bottom 20. While that’s true, it’s worth noting that everyone is welcome to fill out multiple brackets…imagine if we all followed the “3G Model” next year and entered multiple brackets and quadrupled our scholarship donations! Here’s hoping the 3G Model is the wave of the future!

1st: Gregg “3G” Robertson
2nd: Annie “Hufflepuff” Burke (Best in Youth)
3rd: Bruce “Snow Goose” McKinney (Best in Session)
4th: Jim “The Destroyer” Royer (Best in Music)
5th: Andrew “Berserk” Burke (Best in Children)
6th: Susan “Swag” Stagg
7th: Andy “No Look” Cook
8th: Craig “Extra Spice” Kegerise
9th: Grant “If the Shoes Fit, I’ll” Wareham (Best in Staff)
10th: Karen “Smooth” Carns
11th: Ray “Typhoon” June
12th: Marty “Bam-Bam” Walker 
13th: Brooks “Unscramble” Campbell
14th: Jim “Clever Pig” Cunningham
15th: Lois “The Prophet” Harris
16th: Mike “Buster” Parrish
17th: Michael “Mad Dog” McKenna
18th: Joey “the Prognosticator” Owsley 
19th: David “Sneak Attack” Whitenack
20th: Joe “Nostradamus” Owsley (Joe Sr.)