Oct 2023 Session Highlights

  • Derry’s sponsored Scout troops will offer a Spaghetti Luncheon (eat in or take out) on Sunday, February 4, 2024 in Fellowship Hall following the 10:30 worship service. Derry members Dora Butler and Daniel Eisenhooth will be married Saturday, June 8, 2024 in the Chapel at 6 pm. Both building use requests were approved at the recent session meeting.
  • The Session approved a proposal to engage the services of Achenbach & Curry to perform accounting and bookkeeping services and assist us with simplifying our financial system.
  • The Treasurer again reported that September giving was below budget expectations. Expenses also continue to be less than the amounts budgeted.
  • Derry Discovery Days would like to add play equipment to the outdoor playground. They have proposed purchasing a climb and slide structure suitable for children between the ages 2-5 years. DDD will pay all costs associated with the purchase and installation using proceeds from recent fundraisers and pandemic funding given to childcare centers. The project was approved.
  • The Session received an audit report of Derry’s financial statement for the year ended December 31, 2022 from Boyer & Ritter, LLC. No significant issues were encountered by the auditors in reviewing our financial records.
  • Rev. Ira Reed’s children contacted Pastor Stephen to request approval to be buried in Derry’s Cemetery. Given their association with Derry and the fact that space is available, the request was granted. The interested parties are William and Ann (Reed) Rundorff, Jim and Kathleen Reed, and Barbara Reed.
  • The Derry 300 Committee submitted a Capital Procurement Requisition to contract with River Valley Landscapes to install a pond and appropriate landscaping adjacent to the Derry Church spring pump house, which is located on the adjacent Hershey Country Club fairway. The project will re-create the original spring pond that was critical to the early Derry Church settlers. The cost of the landscaping is $10,500 and will come from the Derry 300 Anniversary fund. The pond will be accompanied by a mural painted on the pump house featuring early settlers gathered around the spring. An informational sign is also planned to be installed on the edge of the church parking lot explaining the significance of the spring to members and visitors. Hershey Entertainment & Resorts and the Country Club have approved the project with the Country Club agreeing to assume responsibility for maintenance of the pond following construction. The Session requested additional information from the committee including whether Derry Township approval and any permits will be required. The project will be discussed with session committees and a vote taken at a later meeting after receiving the requested information.