Officer Elections on Oct 10

A congregational meeting will follow 10:30 am worship on Oct 10 for the purpose of electing one elder for the class of 2022, six elders and five deacons for the class of 2024, and four church members to serve on the 2022 nominating committee.

These Derry members have accepted nominations: 

Elder, class of 2022: Tim Mosher

Elders, class of 2024: Becca Farbaniec, Cindy DeMuth, Tom Kitzmiller, Julie Yutesler, Pam Whitenack and Ryan Bartz

Deacons, class of 2024: Michelle Califf, Dave Hibshman, David Kuntch, Ellen O’Keefe and Susan Hubbell Whyte  

2022 Nominating Committee: Lauren Talhelm, Mike Leader, Lee Webber and Jane Robertson