Orange Day is April 25

Orange Day on April 25 is when Presbyterian Women recognizes the exploitation of females and efforts to prevent it throughout the world. One in five women in the United States experience severe intimate-partner violence over the course of their lifetimes, resulting in injuries most commonly to the head, neck and face. One estimate of annual brain injuries among survivors of domestic abuse is 1.6 million. Research shows victims can sustain head trauma more often than football players and probably accounts for inconsistency, hostility and bewilderment in their contact with police.

Training to recognize this is being given to the Tempe, Arizona Police Department’s domestic violence unit. Also, Barrow’s Concussion & Brain Injury Center in Arizona is working with victims to regain their cognitive abilities. (Why Can’t I See Straight?,” Christa Hillstrom). 

Wear orange or an orange ribbon to show support and awareness of this program to help victims of domestic violence.