Presbyterian Women October Updates

  • Presbyterian Women observe Orange Day on the 25th of each month to highlight the exploitation of females around the world. This month is focused on Afghanistan and those working to provide escape routes for females and families wanting to leave. “Islamic Rule” gives evidences of hunger, fear, disrespect, non-permission to work, a ban on women in public places, an education ban and dismantling of co-educational institutes, no participation of women in the formation of interim Taliban cabinet, and many more rights violations. These are some of the examples that will make Afghan women suffer more under Taliban rule. On Monday, wear orange or an orange ribbon to show support for the females of Afghanistan and people who are trying to improve the lives of females there.
  • Fifty hygiene bags were delivered to the Domestic Violence Center in September. Thanks to everyone who contributed items to fill the bags.
  • The Synod PW Mission Project for this year is the prison ministry of Rev. Stanley in Malawi. He serves eight prisons by carrying the work of God, bringing supplies of food, water, soap, and treasured aspirin as well as supplies for infants incarcerated with their mothers. He has also bought coffins and paid for funerals. He needs a truck to haul supplies and prisoners released or in need of medical attention. PW in Derry has sent $700 towards this purchase.