PW March 2024 Update

  • Change 4 Children supports the mission of Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) in Zambia where 2,306 vulnerable and orphaned children were helped to find family, education and community last year.  They have purchased a 10-acre farm in rural Chongwe, about 30 miles east of Lusaka. It is already producing chickens and vegetables that are brought to Lusaka to help feed children in ACE care and fund their work through sale at local markets as a steady income. Chilyaze Chiwavu, the farm manager, hopes to build an organic integrated farm, which can also teach young Zambians the importance of land cultivation, fostering connection, community and mental health. A secondary pump system is needed to furnish enough water to further this goal. Look for baskets on Sunday to drop off your donations. Place coins in zip-close bags, with any foreign coins bagged separately. Check that extraneous items such a paper clips, batteries, pins are not in the bag. 
  • Thanks to all who helped with the Lenten luncheon on Mar 6, whether baking cupcakes, making salad, setting up, serving, cleaning up or removing tables and chairs. Thank you!