Question of the Week: 8/25/22

If you could return to one place you’ve visited, where would you like to go back to and why?

Tom Davis:
I have been fortunate to have traveled to many places around the world; however, there is one place that will always be “special.“ My family celebrated my first birthday in Avalon, NJ. Most of my birthdays have been celebrated there. I love the beach and the ocean. Some of my happiest memories with my Dad were our family vacations at the shore. As my Dad would often say, it was our happy place and the first swim in the ocean washed away all our cobwebs.

Cathy Olson:
I would love to return to Provence. Its towns have the best of modern France, and their Roman amphitheaters and thermal baths are well preserved.

Joanne McMullen:
I would return to Morocco because of the beauty, culture, food, geographical diversity, history, most importantly, the wonderful and friendly people.

Al Reed:
I would love to revisit Iceland and see the magical mystical northern lights at their peak.

Neal Rhoads:
I have lived in Turkey for two years and visited it three other times, however, it is one country I would like to visit again. I would visit numerous ruins of countless cultures since during every visit more of the ruins have been unearthed and others have been discovered. The people are very friendly and the food is delicious.