Sunday Sermon Conversation Starters: 8/13/23

The following are questions you are invited to ponder and discuss this week with your family, with small groups and committees, or on your own so what happens in worship can follow you, inspire you, and guide you throughout the week:

  1. Has a loved one ever had a problem, pain, or suffering that you couldn’t fix? How did you feel and what did you do?
  2. Calvin’s idea of “Total Depravity” doesn’t mean we are awful, but that even at our best we can mess things up. Have you ever tried to help someone or do something good for someone but ended up making things worse?
  3. Sometimes we have to do all we can to make things right and sometimes we need to let God handle it. That takes wisdom. How do you know when to try to fix a situation and when you need to leave it to God?
  4. How can trusting that “God can make it right” help you offer forgiveness and find peace in the midst of pain or injustice?