Thank Offering of Presbyterian Women

The Thank Offering of Presbyterian Women began in 1888 and supports mission projects at home and abroad. In keeping with the by-laws, 40% of funded projects are related to health ministries. Of the 10 projects funded this year, seven are in the US. Two projects are in conjunction with local Habitat for Humanity groups.

In Toledo (OH), the Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Ministry will be able to purchase materials such as siding, wood, paint, concrete reinforcements and windows for home repair in three areas designated in the Neighborhood Stabilization Plan. This program strategically focuses resources block by block to elevate home ownership, make critical health and safety-related updates and support neighborhood beautification projects. The project’s goal is to lift up marginalized neighborhoods so that residents want to live in the community, families find stability, and seniors are able to age in their homes.

The second Habitat-related project is in Chattanooga (TN). The Orchard Knob Collaborative is committed to restoring and strengthening the neighborhood by using a long-range, inclusive approach to assist low-income households with home repair. The Thank Offering grant will purchase materials to alleviate health, life and safety issues, address code violations and increase energy efficiency. By making repairs and reducing exposure to lead paint, asbestos and allergens, residents will live in safer and more inviting homes and will lead to improved quality of life.

Please consider a contribution to the Thank Offering. Place checks in the offering boxes or mail to the church office, or give online as you are able in thanks for all the blessings in your life.