Thank You, Cookie Bakers and Helpers!

Thanks to everyone who made the 2023 Cookie Walk and Jumbles Shop such a success: those who baked cookies and called their shepherd group members, the set-up crew, those who sorted and priced items, worked on Saturday with sales and clean up, as well as all those who purchased cookies and jumbles shop items. The Cookie Walk raised $2,478.72 and the Jumbles Shop earned $999.25 for a total of $3,477.97. This does not include donations some made in lieu of cookies. Big thanks to Nancy Kitzmiller, Sally McKinney and Linda Chidester for their leadership.

Some cookie bakers have shared their recipes. Stop by the church office and ask for the recipe folder. We’ll make copies of any you’d like to take with you.

The next Presbyterian Women’s event will be the winter tea on Sunday, March 3, 2024.

Bakers, pick up your cookie containers on the shelf above the coat rack in the Narthex through Sunday, Dec 17. Any remaining containers will be donated to Jubilee Ministries.