Update on Derry’s Partnership with a Refugee Family

In cooperation with Church World Service Harrisburg, our Syrian family of six has arrived safely in Hershey. The Welcoming Team met them at the airport and presented their four children, ages 4-12, with several stuffed animals as well as backpacks containing age-appropriate activities. Each family member brought two duffle bags containing their household and personal belongings which were taken excitedly to their new home.

With the aid of a translator and despite the long travel day, the family continuously expressed their thanks and appreciation for all that was being done for them. This was extended to include attendance Friday at the local mosque. As you might expect, there are many questions: how do you run the washing machine; what are those blinking lights we see at night (fireflies); and do you work when it snows?

The coming days will be filled with ESL lessons, physicals, registration with government programs and school enrollment, also job searches for the educated parents.

Donations you can help with now:

  • 24″ and 26″ Bicycles
  • Two-shelf shoe rack, approximately 12″ wide by 36-48″ long
  • Men’s electric razor and a hair clipper kit

Contact Marilyn Koch to arrange for pickup of items or drop off at the church.

Watch for upcoming opportunities where you can help their transition into a new culture.