Your Contributions Requested for “The People We’ve Met on Our Journeys”

In preparation for our Lenten theme, “The People We Meet on the Journey to Jerusalem,” members and friends of Derry are invited to share a story of someone they’ve met on one of the journeys in their lives.

Submit your story of up to 750 words about a journey you’ve taken (far or near) and someone you met on the way who inspired you, taught you, gave you a new perspective, or was otherwise meaningful to you. You can interpret “journey” however you like, whether it was a literal trip across the globe or a metaphorical journey, such as the journey to receive a new organ or treatment.

These stories will be gathered in a special booklet for Lent. Email your story to Pastor Stephen by Feb 1 to be included in our Lenten booklet: The People We’ve Met On Our Journeys.