Your Spare Change Makes a Life-Saving Difference

Change 4 Children will be collected on Sunday, Dec 10 to help fund programs of the Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) in Zambia.  

Salma shoulders the responsibility of being the primary breadwinner for a household of five: her three children and a younger sister who suffered a stroke. At times money is so tight that her heart breaks at the thought of not being able to buy simple things like shoes for her daughter. To keep the family afloat, Salma runs her own business selling charcoal. When she became a beneficiary of ACE’s Family Preservation and Empowerment Program, the skills training and resources she received helped her business to blossom. She now also makes rugs to supplement her income. She aspires to invest in a piece of land for security and stability as well as a legacy for her children.

Place coins in zip-closed bags, checking that all non-coin items have been removed (tokens, batteries, pins, paper clips, etc.). Bag foreign coins separately. Drop your coin donations in the designated baskets at church entrances. Thanks, Derry!