Coin Return On Sunday Supports Change 4 Children

Bring your coins for the Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) Change 4 Children on Sunday, March 19. ACE helps Zambian moms and caregivers to raise SAFE kids, grow STRONG families, and build sustainable communities. In 2020, they launched ACE Transition Partners to guide institutions toward family-based care for thousands of children in Africa and beyond. Based on ACE experience, the consulting team provides services to organizations during the transition, with custom plans tailored to the specific institutional, social, and political contexts in which the ACE partners work.

Bring your change in zip-closed bags, remembering to bag any foreign coins separately. Check that the bag is free of paper clips, pins, batteries, buttons — anything that is not legal tender — as these clog the coin sorting machine.  

Change 4 Children for ACE is collected quarterly at Derry Church. The next offering will be received on Sunday, June 18.