Amended Derry Church Proposal for Re-Gathering in Phases


At a special called Session meeting on February 24, 2021, the Session discussed feedback from the Feb 21 Listening Session and any changes that needed to be made to the regathering plan. The Session and COVID Task Force realized they had not fully considered starting phase 1A with 10:30 am worship. After discussion, the Session amended the Phase 1A regathering plan to offer 10:30 am worship with a maximum of 30 worshipers beginning March 7. Worship at 8 am will be offered later. The Task Force will re-evaluate what is being offered and how many can attend every two weeks and report to Session.  

Offering 10:30 am in person worship better utilizes staff resources and time by only holding one service, and the 10:30 am service is accessible and inclusive of more people.  This service will continue to be live streamed.

Registration is required for those interested in attending in person.

For each of these programs and activities, all established safety protocols and guidelines must be followed: registering in advance, social distance, hand washing, mask wearing, etc.

Phase 1A (Begins March 7, 2021)

  • 10:30 am worship in Sanctuary (maximum of 30 people based on 10% of comfortable pew seating capacity)
  • AA (using room 10 and the patio entrance along Mansion Road)

Phase 1B (Begins March 22, 2021)

  • Communion when scheduled (using single-serving elements)
  • Tuesday evening worship In the Sanctuary (maximum of 60 people)
  • 8 am worship in the Sanctuary begins April 4 (maximum of 60 people)
  • Outdoor worship
  • Family worship in the Sanctuary (maximum of 60 people)
  • Small fellowship groups, leader’s choice on where to meet (outside or 20% of room capacity. Children’s and youth fellowship groups can meet at this time.
  • Funerals in the Sanctuary (maximum of 60 people)
  • Derry Brass can meet outside with bell covers
  • Non-wind instrumentalists including handbells can be live in worship
  • Puppet team can meet as directed by leaders  
  • Small singing ensembles can be pre-recorded when well-spaced with masks
  • Masked soloists, and eventually duets and trios, can participate in worship leadership from the choir loft
  • GOD SQUAD working outside

Phase 2 (Begins April 21, 2021)

  • 10:30 am worship in the Sanctuary while live streaming: focus remains on live streaming and the maximum congregation can increase to 15% or 20% (maximum of 60 people)
  • Additional small groups
    • Shawl Ministry
    • JIF study groups
  • Derry Brass, pre-recorded in the Sanctuary with safety protocols in place