Derry’s Newest Eagle Scouts

Logan Holley

Logan Holley: Thanks to a partnership between Manada Conservancy and Scouts BSA Troop 200, the Cladel Preserve now has a kiosk to bring more notice to this idyllic space. Logan Holley of Derry Church’s Troop 200 completed his Eagle Project last fall, notwithstanding delays and new planning elements brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Logan led the planning and execution of the project which involved Scout and Manada Conservancy volunteers for a total of 189 hours of work over five months. He appreciated having an outdoor project to work on and hopes that the kiosk will let more people know they can visit the preserve and enjoy nature. As part of his project requirements, Logan solicited contributions for the kiosk materials and installation equipment. The kiosk was completed under budget, and Logan donated the remainder of his Eagle project funds to the conservancy. 

James Guntrum

James Guntrum: For his Eagle Scout project, James replaced the horseshoe pits at H.M. Levitz Memorial Park, Grantville. The existing horseshoe pits were constructed from wood that over time had wore down and were deteriorating. The old pits were raised, making it more difficult for the groundskeeper to mow in the area. The new horseshoe pits are constructed with PVC lumber to be more durable. The pits are lower to allow for mowing around them with a riding mower. Ammo boxes are chained to the backboards to store the horseshoes so people don’t have to bring their own. The total project cost was $770.