Meet Ameeq, One of Derry Church’s PEB Scholarship Recipients


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am from class 9. Thank you very much for the love that you show in choosing me. It is like a silver lining in my life. Nowadays everyone is sad and disturb because of corona virus and lockdown. Being a student of board class I was also very disturb for my exams. A big relief came when our school is open. Nowadays I am preparing for my exams. We are praying for whole world, you are always in my prayers. Thank you very much. People like you are make this world worth to live in.

For 11 years, Derry Church has maintained a partnership with the Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan. PEB operates 25 schools, primary through high school, including some boarding schools, that serve more than 5,900 students. Derry, through the Friends of Sargodha group, has a particular relationship with the schools in Sargodha. 

Friends of Sargodha’s goal is to continue to provide ten scholarships every year. You can help.

A full scholarship for a day student is $370 a year, about a dollar a day. We are dividing that amount into ten shares, $37 each, to offer you the opportunity to support a portion of a scholarship. 

You can purchase one or more shares by writing a check to Derry Church notated “Pakistan Scholarship” or giving online through the church website and selecting “Pakistan Scholarship.” 

Read Claudia Holtzman’s message inviting you to participate. This fundraiser continues through February 2022.