September Updates from Presbyterian Women

  • The next coin collection for Change 4 Children will be at the outdoor service at 6 pm on Tuesday, Sept 22. If you will not be there, please bring your change to the church during the week. This spring, schools across Zambia were closed due to COVID-19. Alliance for Children Everywhere has seven elementary and a secondary school in the country. This interrupted the provision of a daily lunch to their students, a vital lifeline for children experiencing hunger. Thanks to financial gifts, the team quickly responded with emergency food relief while the students were not in class. Recently, some classes were approved to resume for children in grades 7, 9, and 12 who will take their national exams this year. Also provided are protective and hygiene supplies for students and staff. who maintain social distances and wear masks during the school day. Return coins in ziplock bags and check that no other items such as paper clips, buttons, stray pieces of metal or anything not legal tender is in the bags. Foreign coins must be bagged separately. Thanks, Derry!
  • Needed for the hygiene bags: 26 sample-sized tubes of toothpaste (expiration date of 2020 or 2021) and 26 toothbrushes. If you have any around your house, please consider donating to the Domestic Violence Center. A collection box is on the bench at the downstairs church entrance. 
  • Thanks to all who donated to the PW Birthday Offering, which totaled $2,237. A great response!