May 2022 Session Highlights

  • With the arrival of the new church van, the Building & Grounds committee updated Derry’s Policy on the Use of Vehicles. Anyone wishing to be an approved driver of the van will need to receive training on the van’s instrumentation, complete an application which gives the church permission to receive a copy of the driver’s motor vehicle record, and submit a copy of the driver’s license. All arrangements for use of the van must be set up through the church secretary.
  • Over the past year the children’s music program has been building as a result of the Tuesday evening K.I.C. Club and the children’s Sunday School group. We want to encourage the continued growth of children’s music – both vocally and with instruments. To that end, the session approved the creation of a part-time Children’s Music Director who will work on Tuesday evenings to lead multiple ensembles of different ages, coordinate any volunteer directors, and lead children’s music on Sunday (approximately 7 hours/week). Claire Folts, who has her master’s degree in music education and experience working with elementary aged children, was hired to fill this position.
  • As part of the 300th Anniversary celebration, the travel group is planning a trip to Ireland in 2024. The session approved inviting Pastor Marie Buffaloe, whose two-year period of separation after her retirement will be finished. The church will cover the cost of her trip as a thank you for all of her service.
  • It was the joy of the Session to meet with the seven confirmation participants and six new members and receive all for membership at Derry.